25 March 2009

SCREENING: Trang Noi Day Gieng/The Moon at the Bottom of the Well

The Institute of Vietnamese Culture and Education is screening Trang Noi Day Gieng (The Moon at the Bottom of the Well), directed by Nguyen Vinh Son, at multiple locations nationwide throughout the end of March and April. Please check the link for screening times and locations.

The film's synopsis is as follows: "Hanh, a high school teacher in Hue, Vietnam, and her husband, Phuong, the school's principal, share a seemingly peaceful and happy life. Though she loves her husband deeply, there is one thing she is unable to give him - a child. Hanh thus facilitates an arrangement for her husband to have a child with another woman. The surrogate pregnancy must be concealed or they will be subject to public scorn. Unfortunately, the secret gets disclosed and jeopardizes Phuong's career. To protect her husband, Hanh sacrifices their marriage, only to find out later he is not worthy of her love. Despairing, Hanh never expects to find happiness again, but nevertheless stumbles on it in the most unexpected place: the underworld."

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