18 March 2009


The new Hmong Studies Newsletter for March 2009 is out, and features a list of new theses and academic essays in and around the growing field of Hmong and Hmong/American studies.

The 2009 Vietnamese International Film Festival is almost upon us. Check out the program schedule for films (including features, shorts, and documentaries), times and locations. There is a special spotlight on Dustin Nguyen, best known to children of the '80s as "Harry Ioki" from 21 Jump Street, and to a new generation of Asian American studies students as the actor Troy Poon, the most poignant figure in Justin Lin's Finishing the Game. His most recent vehicles, however, are Vietnamese-produced films including The Rebel and Huyen Thoai Bat Tu (The Legend Is Alive, The Immortal Legend). There are also several new documentaries being screened, including Operation Babylift: The Lost Children of Vietnam and A Village Called Versailles (a post-Katrina story about the Vietnamese of New Orleans), as well as a screening of the complete Blindness Series by Tran T. Kim Trang.

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